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The Coalition of Arizona Appraisers (CoAA) was established as non-profit organization for the purpose of serving and protecting the collective interest of all professional appraisers practicing in the state of Arizona. CoAA's primary focus is to lobby for legislative and regulatory changes to advance the appraisal profession in the State of Arizona, but CoAA will also work hard to increase the public and real estate industry's awareness of the need for quality appraisals and services. 

CoAA's mission is to represent all appraisers in Arizona with a united voice through non-partisan communication with the other appraisal organizations, other business-related organizations, legislative bodies, and government agencies, while fostering the public trust.


CoAA is an organization of professional men and women with the intent on improvement through advocacy, association, and education. Membership in CoAA includes licensed, certified, and certified general appraisers who have the joint goal of advancing the appraisal profession in the State of Arizona.

CoAA will encourage professional appraisal practice and promote professional appraisal services by providing a number of services to its members, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • A Voice To encourage communication between appraisers, with law makers and regulators.
  • Unity To represent the appraiser's consensus before the Arizona Department of Real Estate.
  • Professionalism To act as the source that citizens of Arizona turn to for valuation expertise.
  • Education To create and maintain a forum for professional information and educational sharing.
  • Growth To promote business opportunities for members of the organization that would not typically be available.
  • Common Sense Solutions To promote safe and sound banking in the state of Arizona through effective and measurable best practices in collateral valuation.
  • Awareness To promote all of the professional appraisal organizations in our state.


  • Achieve legislation that registers and regulates the operations of Appraisal Management Companies doing business in the State of Arizona.
  • Work with the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions, Real Estate Appraisal Division Manager to improve the efficiency and operations of the Board and executive office, which may include law changes.
  • Promote best practice standards that can be monitored with accountability.
  • Work toward legislation that mandates the use of a licensed or certified real estate appraiser for every real estate value opinion rendered in the State of Arizona.
  • Share economic support and participation in the organization in recognition that anything worthwhile requires investment of capital

Board of Directors

2023 Acting President

Todd is a certified residential appraiser with 18 years in the industry solely in Arizona primarily serving Maricopa & Pinal counties specializing in conventional, FHA, and complex assignments. Prior experience includes the insurance industry and a stint in the Army. Todd is a member of the National Association of Appraisers who has granted him the MNAA designation. In his spare time, Todd volunteers with various veteran, children, and animal rescues. Todd enjoys a passion for traveling abroad and sharing new experiences.


Certified Residential appraiser in Arizona, Colorado and California with more than 2 decades in the profession. Jeremy has performed many different roles in the lending industry from running a small independent appraisal firm to Chief Appraiser of an AMC and earning the Appraisal Institute SRA and AI-RRS designations. Currently serving as VP of Staff Appraisers at Class Valuation, a national Appraisal Management Company. Past experience includes Synergy Appraisal Services, Western Alliance Bank, HomeStreet Bank, Independent Residential Appraisals and JP Morgan Chase. Jeremy first volunteered with The Coalition of Arizona Appraisers in 2008 serving on the membership and website committees. Jeremy is an Arizona native with a passion for working with appraisers, aspiring appraisers, underwriters, loan originators and anyone who will listen to help them better understand residential real estate appraisals and the important role they play in the mortgage process of the American dream.


Bio to come.


Selyna Ball is a distinguished Licensed Residential Real Estate Appraiser based in Arizona, currently pursuing a Bachelors in Finance and Economics. Boasting a decade-long tenure in the corporate sphere as a Pricing Manager for supply chain operations, she brings a wealth of expertise in comprehending the intricacies that drive markets and shape prices. Passionate about continual learning and dedicated to the advocacy of appraisal practices at both local and national levels, Selyna is committed to fostering a deeper understanding of the industry. Her primary goals include advancing her professional education and playing an active role in reshaping the landscape for real estate appraisers.


Katya Borisova is a Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser in the state of Arizona and MBA graduate.

As a dedicated Board member of the Coalition of Arizona Appraisers, Katya is committed to the advancement of the appraising profession and driving a positive impact for the appraisal industry. Beyond her board responsibilities, she dedicates her time to various community organizations, and holds a strong sense of social responsibility.

A passionate supporter of the appraising profession, Katya lends her expertise as a volunteer and actively participates in the National Association of Appraisers' Fundraiser Committee as part of her commitment to the continuous improvement and advocacy for excellence within the appraisal community.

In her capacity as an appraiser, Katya specializes in navigating the complexities of real estate valuation across a diverse spectrum of assignments. Her proficiency extends beyond routine appraisals, and she built a comprehensive understanding of the nuanced intricacies within the field including high-stakes luxury multi-million-dollar homes to properties at the lower end of the market. She also adeptly handles appraisals related to divorce and estate settlements, tribal lands, vacant lots, and more.

Before embarking on her journey as an appraiser, Katya held prominent corporate executive roles, contributing to the growth and success of start-ups to multi-billion-dollar organizations. Her extensive leadership experience in Strategy and Corporate Development helped her develop her strategic acumen and business insights, which she seamlessly integrates into her appraisal practice and community engagements.


Teri Zarate is a State Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser, licensed in the state of Arizona and Utah.  She has been actively working in the real appraisal profession for over 25 years.

Teri started with ProTeck Valuation Intelligence, A Stewart Company in 2011.  As Chief Appraiser, her role is being the company’s most senior internal and external resource for all things Quality.  She leverages her experience as an appraiser, mentor, manager and leader to deliver on process quality improvements while managing risk.  Teri drives positive results to the bottom line, leading customer experience and performance. 

Teri is a Practicing Affiliate of the Appraisal Institute and Designated Member of the National Association of Appraisers, serving on the Appraiser Trainee and Communication Committees.  She is a member of the Collateral Risk Network, serving on the Best Practice and AMC committees.  Teri is a member of Association of Appraiser Regulatory Officials.  She represents Stewart with the Appraiser Diversity Initiative (ADI) program working with Stewart’s enterprise to support programs through scholarships, mentorships and roles.  Teri has a passion for helping others get into the Real Estate Appraisal industry and sharing her knowledge and experience to empower the next generation of appraisers. She epitomizes integrity, energy, commitment, passion, and fun.

Past Presidents

Tanya Kleinshmidt

Todd Havens

Joseph Weidinger

Ann Susko

John Dingeman

Julie Friess

Sue Miller

Arizona Appraiser Leadership

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