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  • January 19, 2022 9:59 AM | David Stone

    ANSI sketches. Are you ready?

    FNMA mandates appraisers to use ANSI Standard for Residential Properties starting April 1st! Are you ready? How you count stair area, area open to below, and finished basements are different than you may have done in the past.   With ANSI, you will probably arrive at a different GLA than the Assessor or the MLS listing sheet. What number goes in your report? Does your comment on GLA address the difference? The garage probably has fewer square feet than you have been stating in the past. You'll learn all these differences, the ANSI methods, and more in this course.

     You don't want to get a letter of reprimand from Fannie Mae.

    3-hr. approved CE course is on the way!  You don’t need a 7 hour expensive course on ANSI to get up to speed.  Join me for a Zoom class .  Dates are being selected for late February, 2022.  Send me an e-mail to insure you’re on the class e-mail list. Put ANSI in the subject line and send to

  • November 02, 2021 3:56 PM | David Stone


    The appraiser said, No! The reviewer tries persuasion.




    Two Course Offerings - November 30, 2021

    Bulletproof Your Appraisal Report - 3 hours

    Solar, Wind, and More - 4 Hours

    Both Classes are Zoom Approved

    If you didn't get this notice let me know, I'll send you one

  • June 08, 2021 7:15 AM | David Stone

    Have you been using "The Ratterman Meyhod" for determining the adjustment for GLA on the URAR 1004 form?  There seems to be some confusion as to the formula.  What are you using?

  • December 08, 2017 7:54 PM | Anonymous

    Greetings to all Appraisers,

    As we share the cheer and joy of the Holiday Season, we at CoAA look warmly back on 2017 and its membership. Over the past year, we have been steadfast in our collective efforts to improve the atmosphere, across all landscapes, within our Profession. As in past years, we have made strides to initiate Legislative Action regarding protections for Appraisers against frivolous lawsuits and sought to clarify language of the Regulatory authority, amidst opposition. We are preparing to continue this pursuit with earnest in 2018, in conjunction with our internal and external Lobbyist, Legal Counsel, other AZ groups and State Representative from the Appraisal Institute. CoAA has been aligned with National and State organizations and Similar coalitions to successfully elevate the voice of our membership on a National level. It is by the “boots on the ground” effort that positive changes are being made. It is not by any small feat, that progress and change evolve from a big voice.

    In 2017, CoAA monthly meetings were attended in impressive numbers, by Active appraisers with 1 year to 50 years of experience, Lenders, Realtors, AMCs and those considering entering the Profession.  The meetings and gatherings were created to cover a host of topics of interest to our membership. Together, we broke bread at various venues across the Valley highlighting topics such as “Covering Your Appraisal” in which our membership offered the group a view into working knowledge and examples of how Quality reports, should be developed. We also took the time to review, dissect and understand the latest versions of industry contracts and purchase agreements. During the summer we heard from State and Federal employees regarding issues surrounding Superfund Sites and how our reports could be impacted. In our ever-evolving industry; we took time to share methods for increasing efficiencies and report credibility. The benefit from these meetings, as expressed by the membership,was invaluable.

    The Government Relations Committee for the 2018 calendar is currently taking shape to, once again, bringing our voice to the Legislative table. We are confident that collectively our objectivity and persistence will prevail. CoAA’s Education Committee is devising its curriculum(s) for multiple CE offerings. CoAA's commitment and advocacy to the new generation of appraisers is moving to the forefront in 2018, with the assembly of our proposed guidance and review committee. In the end, committee involvement is at the heart of CoAA, with our Volunteers playing a significant role as we work together to fulfill our mission and goals.

    When appraisers like you and I think of the CoAA, you get the understanding that it’s more than just another association, it’s a cause.  CoAA is an organization that, thanks to your support, continues to strengthen the community of appraisers consisting of your peers in AZ and across the country.

    We hope that if you’re not a member, you consider becoming a member

    Be a part of what’s great about this profession and join your voice with fellow Arizona Appraisers.

    Seasons Greetings, Blessings and Gratitude,

    Joseph Weidinger

    2017-2018 President

  • February 17, 2016 6:12 PM | Anonymous
    I hope 2016 has been profitable for all of you. There have been many changes including making sure your fee is appropriate now that lenders are dealing with TRID. You may have noticed the NAIFA and CoAA are holding joint meetings. Mark the first Wednesday, of each month, to join us for information and networking. Since there is no information coming from the DFI-Real Estate Appraisal Division via a newsletter, it is imperative that you come to meetings to get that information. 2016 appraisal statute changes are found in HB2560. Go to to follow its progress through the legislative system. There are several USPAP update classes being offered in February. Sign up for one so you will be in compliance. Watch for the meeting notice for March as we will have a real estate attorney as our speaker.

    Ann Susko

    • Fresh lime wedge (optional)
    • Margarita salt (optional)
    • 1/3 cup fresh lime juice*
    • 3 tablespoons orange liqueur
    • 2 tablespoons tequila
    • 1/3 to 1/2 cup powdered sugar
    • Ice & Garnish: lime slice

    Headscratcher of the month! What's the adjustment?

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