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New Class - Solar and Wind

January 07, 2021 5:21 PM | David Stone

Start the Year Smart!


Solar, Wind & More – 2021

New Program – New Information


Zoom class Options; $64 – 4 hr Arizona CE Credit


Presented by:

 David Stone, ASA; IFAS; DAR; Certified General AZ Appraiser

 Arizona Residential Solar Expert


A few topics are:


 Solar - History of solar for residential; difference in panels; on or off grid; battery back-up; finding comps; and how to prove value!  Bullet proof your work file.

Wind Turbines – What’s new for residential use, how they work, why consider installing them, and cost!

Extra – Where do you fine ownership and loan information, Some homeowners are told they own the system, some don’t; what utility companies are planning;

And – Alternatives to solar or wind, DIY solar and wind installation, How they work (DC to AC), Buy or lease comparison, Federal, State, and local incentives, tax advantages, and more.

Solar, Wind, and More is the 4-hr CE credit answer to these and more questions pressing on the appraiser.  Follow the link below to sign up for one of the two 4-hour offerings.  Class hand-outs, peer conversation, and work file protection methods, all for $64!  Zoom in at 10:00 am – 2:00 pm January 21 or January 26.  Class size is limited.


Don’t Be Fooled, Arizona is Different!  CE credit is Arizona only



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